The Lion's Roar Intro

TLR Intro

Adobe After Effects

A short intro for The Lion's Roar.

Role 3D Artist, Video Editor
Date 06/06/2023
3D Artist
Video Editor

The Lion's Roaris a student run news program at Zurich International School. I was contacted early on by the program to create an intro for their videos.

From the blueprints and with the help of Google Earth, I recreated the school's campus in Blender. I chose a more serious yet playful tone for the animation, as the videos serve as the main source of news for many students. I chose to have the buildings animate in as a metaphor for how I find communication builds community.

I had a lot of fun testing out different camera movements. I ended up using a mix of different speeds to ramp up energy at the beggining and then slow down at the end to highlight the logo.

I used Adobe After Effects to create another motion graphic for The Lion's Roar. Namely a lower third that would be used to introduce people in the videos. The graphic has the name and role of the person, as well as a logo, which can all be changed in essential graphics panel in Premiere Pro.


The Lion's Roar Website

The Lion's Roar Website



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